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Psychoanalysis - Jung

Carl Gustav Jung is a Swiss psychiatrist who pioneered and developed the concept of analytic psychology or psychoanalysis. His famous concept of the attitude of the soul is Introvert and Extrovert, then the function of the soul consisting of Thinking, Feeling, Sensing and Intuition, and Unconsciousness (Persona, Shadow, Anima-animus, etc), has been used for several well-known types of psychotes, one of which is MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). But, on this page it will be more about Persona and Shadow (Unconscious). 



Referred to as "Shadow" because it's always in the dark and hidden, always following wherever we go. Like “Shadow”, traits and behaviors in the self that we often or always consider to be less good, will be ruled out. Do not want the world to know these unkind qualities so that they are hidden in the distant, deep and dark unconscious. We should be aware of these bad qualities and we correct them. But most people don't care about that and hide it in the unconscious (forgotten). Hide it from the world. It is a disaster because one day everything will rise to the surface of "Conscious" and will appear in front of many people when we are emotionally out of control (being too angry, too sad, too scared, etc).



And then, "Persona" which comes from Latin means that it is a mask. The mask commonly used by theater players. We as humans always use "Persona" in our daily lives. Persona as a student while on school/campus, Persona as a child when with our parents, Persona as friend with our friends, etc. Jung himself once said that the use of "Persona" must be minimized so that there is no imbalance in life. This makes sense. How can we use Persona as a "child" when with our friends? That's certainly strange. Likewise with the use of Persona as a friend when with parents, that is certainly a bad thing. The use of Persona must be appropriate for the conditions. Minimized its intended use is so that we do not become someone who is too greedy or too easily fooled. We cannot use Persona as an obedient student at school if there is a life-threatening thing or situation (we get violent treatment, insults, etc). At a time like that, let go of "Persona student" and save yourself. If you still use the mask then you will continue to treated badly because you are easy to be treated badly without a fight.


What is the relationship between "Persona and Shadow" in MBTI? Does a personality type in MBTI have Persona and Shadow? If owned, how does the process and how does it work? 

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