Analysis of MBTI Test Results

Have you ever experienced these things: why am I weak in empathizing? why am I having trouble concentrating? why am I too critical and heartless? why am I so easily deceived and manipulated by others? If you have experienced some of that, then it is caused by not developing some of our cognitive functions. We have 8 cognitive functions of the same type in 16 MBTI personality types but with position differences for each cognitive function:


What is cognitive function?

Cognitive function is a complex function in the human brain that involves aspects of memory (short-term or long-term), attention, planning and strategies in thinking from someone ( Cognitive functions are very important for us to know and develop so that benefits can be obtained for productivity, mental health and life balance. Knowing the importance of cognitive function, we can help you develop cognitive function with our analysis.

Our analysis not only helps you to see which cognitive functions you need to develop but we also analyze the causes of stress that you experience so we can provide solutions. This is truly an extraordinary analysis, two things in one. Here are the results of our analysis of some of our clients:

INFP test results
We explain how the test results you get from Sakinorva and solve your problem.

ISFP test results
We provide an explanation of which cognitive functions you have developed and which have not yet.

INFJ test results
We also explain what causes of stress you experience that inhibit the growth of your cognitive function.

So, how are the stages for us to analyze 

your MBTI test results?


(1) Take the MBTI test at Sakinorva site => click here


(2) Take pictures and save the test results that you have got. Like this example:


(3) Send the test results you get along with proof of payment to our PayPal account only $33 + FREE consultation for 1 hour for your first payment. For those of you who are in Indonesia, you can make payments to our Gopay account only Rp. 75.000 + FREE consultation for 1 hour for your first payment. 

(4) The analysis process is no later than 3 days received (if not too many clients). We will send the analysis file via E-mail or WhatsApp. The results of our analysis are available in three languages: ENGLISH, KOREAN and INDONESIAN. 

Really want to know the results of your analysis now?

Contact us here: Click Here!


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